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Our funded research, The Job & The Life, shows that nearly 1 in 5 police personnel suffer with a form of PTSD, a figure that is FIVE TIMES THE NATIONAL AVERAGE. Academics at the University of Cambridge have called this a mental health crisis in policing.

As yet, there is no comprehensive strategy to tackle the issue of mental health in policing, and Police Care UK believes that this has to change as matter of urgency.

We believe that policing cannot fix this alone – it needs to be considered a major health issue by public health authorities across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, with a unified approach to tackling it made a priority and funding for treatment needs to be made available by government.

We want health authorities across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland to work with police leaders to develop a unified strategy that tackles three key things:

  • treatment of mental health injuries
  • service-wide stigma about seeking help for mental health issues, and
  • lack of understanding about the effects of trauma exposure in policing.

Policing has real challenges around recognising and responding to the signs and symptoms of trauma exposure and is heavily reliant upon generic NHS provision that isn’t equipped for the specialist treatment needed.